Saturday, May 28, 2011

Darron Thomas has work to do at this level, but don't bet against him being ready for the next one

Darron Thomas is draft eligible after the 2011 season, but not likely to declare early.  He doesn't show up on most projections; as a 2013 senior most sites have him 3rd-5th round, approximately the 10th quarterback selected.

Have to think, though, if he finishes his Oregon career healthy and continues his hard work, he'll better that assessment by a wide margin.  Say he builds himself up to 220-225 lbs., continues the work on his mechanics, and leaves the Ducks with 90+ touchdown passes and 30+ career wins.  He'd have to get some more careful consideration.  Bill Parcells used to love to draft long-term starters from successful programs that completed four full seasons of college eligibility.

Thomas outplayed number one draft pick Cam Newton in the national championship game, and he may have a better pro career as well.  He's more of a team guy, has a stronger work ethic and he's a better student of the game.  Thomas is not a one-year wonder, and doesn't call attention to himself.

By the time he's done at Oregon he should leave those highly-touted recruits some impressive marks to shoot for.

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