Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How good is Cal? How dangerous is this game?

If the Ducks want to win another conference championship, they have to be mentally prepared for one simple fact: every team on the schedule wants to beat Oregon more than any other team on their schedule, with the possible exception of their traditional rival. In a lot of the cases the traditional rival comes second.

Around the league, the Ducks are cocky and arrogant and privileged. They're the fancy Nike school with the multi-million dollar lockerroom and the sexy cheerleaders. They've administered a lot of embarrassing beatdowns in the last three years, danced in a lot of end zones, and everyone from Aaron Pflugrad to Zach Maynard wants a piece of the Ducks. They want to knock off the school that grabs the headlines and the ESPN facetime. They want to shut up the fast-talking coach. And they want to win a conference title of their own.

photo right: Cal would like nothing better than to administer a stiffarm to Oregon's league title hopes on national TV. ( photo)

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