Friday, October 14, 2011

If you're not worried, you're not paying attention

This is Dennis Erickson's best team since 2007, when they won ten games and cracked the Top Ten for a while. Oregon beat them that year, but it cost them Dennis Dixon's knee. The ending of that game was the beginning of sadness for the Ducks, a dream laying in ruins by a twist in the turf.

Football seasons don't always follow the form chart, or become the neat row of dominations and crafted x's and o's we'd like them to be. A lot could go wrong tomorrow. The Sun Devils are good. They're 18th in the country, 5-1, with their only loss to #16 Illinois in Champaign. They clubbed USC by three touchdowns, and their tailback Cameron Marshall busted loose for 141 yards on the Trojans.

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