Saturday, October 22, 2011

Keys to the game: assorted quack, smack and facts for Oregon at Colorado

The keys to the game are different for this one. An Oregon loss is so unlikely, given the dismal state of the Colorado football program, which is a walking MASH unit at 1-6, that this game is more about what the Ducks achieve and accomplish to push forward in their season.

The old coaching cliche is true, this mile-high massacre is Oregon's only opportunity to play football and get better this week. As Chip notes, you get thirteen chances a year to strap it up and play. Execution is a habit. Excellence is learned, and earned.

photo left: Bryan Bennett showed poise and athletic ability leading a comeback off the bench last Saturday against ASU, scampering on five carries for 65 yards, but what is his role this afternoon? (Jim Rider, US Presswire photo)

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