Wednesday, July 21, 2021

How you do anything is how you do everything

 In sports reporting it's a good idea to avoid religion and politics, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

Covid vaccinations and protocols are one of those times.

Infection rates are surging around the country, chiefly among unvaccinated people and in places with lower vaccination rates.

It applies directly to football because with the season approaching, how teams and coaches deal with Covid issues will directly impact their success in the 2021 season.

Teams that take precautions and pay attention to details will have more success on the field.

The NFL has already recognized this. Today Neil Stratton of Inside The League reported that an NFL scout told him,  "Position coaches are calling players and in a nice way threatening that if not vaccinated they could get cut."

Yesterday at SEC Media Days, league commissioner Greg Sankey warned that teams who can't play due to Covid will face forfeits rather than cancellations or postponements. "We have not built in time for disruption," he said.

Coaches have to prepare for realities and get sound medical advice. Keeping their players healthy is job one, and there are no excuses.


  1. Dale my friend....I am concerned about Autzen. I could just see Lane County locking life up again...and for what? The unvaxxed have made their choice and they are not going to change.

    What good is locking down? To prolong the crisis? I am quite sure that Lane County will NOT make the right decision for businesses and Oregon Sports.

    1. Charles, I share your concern. It'd be a shame to lose another season to lockdown and hand wringing. Autzen just doesn't have its magic without fans.

  2. The problem is that in reality no one seems to trust the vaccines. If you got the shot(s) you're protected.
    Why the desire to force everyone?
    Unless it doesn't really work.

    My son has an immune issue that makes him 10× more likely to develop blood clots. His doctor has advised him to not get vaxxed at this time. He is 44.

    I believe this is an effort to instill fear. The truth is, if you got the shot, you are safe from hospitalization. No problem.

    Let's hope for some honesty from the people in charge and play the games!
    Go Ducks!
    (Hope I wasn't too political)