Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Contrasting Styles--A coach who leads by fear and intimidation breeds teams that fall apart

Ever work for a guy who at the first sign of adversity, is looking for some to throw under the bus? In college football, that's Steve Spurrier. He creates extra pressure.  Everyone of his quarterbacks has been a basket case by the time he was done with them, and none of them have made it in the NFL. 

Chip Kelly, by contrast is abrupt and arrogant with the media, but he brings out the best in his players.  He genuinely loves them.  He's not afraid to be tough with them, but he'll never criticize a player publicly.  In practice yesterday he gave a quick and forceful rebuke to a player who made a late hit out of bounds and threw up his hands in protest.  "YOU'RE DROPPING AND GIVING ME FIFTY!" Kelly roared.  The player immediately complied, 50 up/downs.  I'll bet the coach will have a word of encouragement or a pat on the shoulder for that player later in the week.  Kelly's approach is balanced, tough but fair, with room for humor and fun.  There's a circle of trust on this team.  Everybody feels watched over, but no one feels like they're being watched. 

Kelly is a player's coach, in the best and most productive sense.  Spurrier is the kind of boss no one wants to work for.

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