Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kash Counts it Down

Matt Hayes of The Sporting News had a feature on Cliff "Kash Harris" Wednesday, and as always, Harris had some interesting things to say:

Oregon coach Chip Kelly puts up with the bombastic bravado because no one on the team works harder or prepares more diligently.

Harris is constantly searching the Internet for games featuring Deion Sanders and Charles Woodson and -- here's a blast from the past that shows his utter dedication to his position -- Lester Hayes. The original best cornerback in NFL history, the player Sanders and Woodson patterned their game after, has another fan.

And Harris wasn't even born when Hayes defined the position.

"You ever watch him play? I'd be foolish not to copy him, to learn from him," Harris said. "People compare me to Deion, and I don't mind that. But I'd like to think I've got a little of all three of those guys in me."

Fortunately, he hasn't lost the one thing that is unique to him. In this age of players saying the right thing and avoiding bulletin board material, Cliff Harris is a walking, talking billboard.

"We're not just making it back to the national championship game," Harris said. "As far as I'm concerned, we're making it back and winning it."

The dedication and thorough preparation was a side of Harris that hadn't really come out before.  His entertaining personality sometimes obscured how seriously he takes football. 

If he works on improving his hands, Harris will be an incredible cornerback.  Last year Harris had 6 interceptions and 17 pass breakups, but about ten of those pass breakups were interceptions he whiffed on.  His speed, anticipation,  and acceleration are uncanny, getting himself into position to make an incredible number of plays.

Reading evidence of how motivated he is to become great, there's little doubt he'll get there.  The last remaining question if he'll remain at Oregon for one year, or two.  With his stated ambition to become a Deion Sanders or Lester Hayes, The League has to beckon to him pretty strongly.  Oddly, if he were to return to the Ducks for his senior year, Harris could get serious consideration for an award cornerbacks rarely win, and none of heroes have:  The Heisman Trophy.

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