Sunday, July 17, 2011

At PAC-12 Media Day, the Ducks should come clean

Steve Andress is right. He's a sports reporter for KEZI television in Eugene, and yesterday he wrote an online story on the Will Lyles scandal that was as frank and balanced as anything I've read. He laid out the case against Oregon in concise language, without the hysteria and chortling that characterizes many of the scandal-mongers who have taken their turn speculating about the Ducks' future with the NCAA. Small people and hack reporters delight in the misfortune of others. They're always wallowing in the sleaze, and sniffing the air for another putrid innuendo. Andress did it the right way, impartial and accurate.

Just as Mike Bellotti mentioned in his interview with Jay Allen, it's pretty clear the Ducks are facing sanctions. Will Lyles didn't meet NCAA standards for a legitimate recruiting service, and it was the Ducks' responsibility to see that he did before paying off on a $25,000 invoice. NCAA rules require scouting services maintain a published price list and present quarterly reports on prospects. Lyles cut corners, and when he did, the Ducks were left in a bad position.

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