Saturday, July 16, 2011

Duck Tracks: who makes a Sudden Impact in 2011?

It's the best recruiting class in Oregon history, but in any given year only a handful play right away. It's just the nature of college football. With the physical and mental demands of getting in school, getting in the weight room and learning the playbook, only an exceptional few can step on campus and step into the lineup after a month of practice. Part of it, of course, is born of necessity. Some kids play right away because there's a hole to fill and they're the best option. A few have talent that can't be delayed or denied.

Oregon's needs going into this season are like a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's: they lost two receivers, two offensive linemen, two defensive tackles and two linebackers, and they have to fill their plate. Colt Lyerla is the bacon sundae; he'll play regardless, a physical freak with off-the-charts skills, 6-5 230 and still filling out, able to leap tall Plyo Boxes in a single bound. With a 40" vertical leap and uncommon poise, he'll be productive from the beginning, proving himself in the Spring Game with three catches in traffic. He'll be a reliable possession receiver and a perfect complement to David Paulson, giving the Ducks the ability to use two tight end sets to augment the young receiver corps and get a physical advantage in run game blocking.

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