Friday, July 1, 2011

Something feels like we've heard this story before

There are many reasons to love college football. Today's allegations are not one of them. It's one of the few sports where wins and the opportunity to compete can be taken away by the interpretation of the by-laws. Oregon didn't outblocked or out-tackled today. They got outsnitched.

This is what I wrote on Lyles on March 4th and March 14th. I think it's still true:

Then too, here is another brute truth: a character of this caliber, caught in the squeeze of a nationwide investigation by a powerful governing body, there is virtually no limit to how quickly and enthusiastically he would give everyone else up (coaches, players, schools) to save himself or reduce his damage. Will Lyles is not a stand-up guy. He's the kind who changes his story until he's impossibly found out. Cornered, he'll sing. And when he opens his mouth, Mighty Oregon might go silent for a long time.

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