Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An opposing, more optimistic view of the Lyles investigation

special guest post by SDR3939

[Editor's note: this came to us in the comments section of The Duck Stops Here's recent post "On PAC-12 media day, the Ducks should come clean." We are always open to opposing viewpoints, provided they are offered in a reasonable, thoughtful manner, and this was. The writer identifies himself as a former Division I strength coach.]

Couple of issues to think of... first, Lyles was not paid by Oregon when LaMichael James was recruited. Like many of the media members you scold, you fell into that trap. James' recruitment is not, and should not, be an issue regarding Lyles. At the time, Lyles worked for a different scouting service. His help with James does not qualify in this debate.Second, there are 2 problems with even talking about vacating anything... IF it is found that Oregon violated bylaw 13.14.3 Recruiting or Scouting Services, then there is a very applicable part of this rule at the end of the bylaw which reads: Effect of Violation. Violations of Bylaw 13.14.3 and its subsections shall be considered institutional violations per Constitution 2.8.1; however, such violations shall not affect the prospective student-athlete’s eligibility... therefor, no player(s) will be ruled ineligible, hence no vacating of wins. Second problem is that, supposing for a moment that Oregon is found to have violated different rules regarding the 2 players who Lyles mentored during the same recruiting season as Oregon signed them, neither of the players playes last season, again, negating the concept of vacating wins.

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