Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NCAA inquiry seeping its way into recruiting decisions

Miller posted it this afternoon. Steve Sarkisian has won the first head-to-head recruiting battle of the summer with the Ducks:
Linebacker-defensive end Jeremy Castro (Murrieta, Calif./Vista Murrieta) has committed to Washington, according to ESPN Recruiting's Greg Biggins.

"Oregon was leading early on for me but I started to feel more comfortable with Washington and felt like it was a better fit for me," Castro told Biggins. "I had some concerns about Oregon, it seems like they could be getting in trouble soon and honestly, they haven't been recruiting me very hard and haven't been returning my calls. The UW coaches talk to me all the time and made me feel like a priority and that meant a lot to me as well."

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  1. he seems really miffed by oregon not returning his calls, showing strong interest in him, which seems a little odd and distrubing that they would have offered him and then not really care enough to respond to him and seal the deal really. From what he said its pretty clear that he wanted to come to oregon first. He just wanted some wanted them to reasure him and a little respect in the contact please too. A bit odd they made him an offer, but then really acted as if they were not too interested. Was he just a plan b for them?? or did the other distractions get the coaches off the recruiting game/drop the ball?? He still seems like he could be recruited by the ducks if they were serious about wanting him to come. Itll be interesting to see how it turns out later,, I think short term he made a statement in committing to washington,, telling the ducks he felt disrespected/unappreciated,,, but he's still left the door open, as he states in his comments and desire to visit.

  2. Anon--

    A lot of recruiting goes on behind the scenes. Not every player/coach/team is a perfect fit. The Ducks are looking at a couple of other players at Castro's positions. This staff doesn't get distracted by anything.

    We'll have more on Oregon's targets at linebacker and defensive end in the next few days.

    Thanks for your insightful, thoughtful comment.