Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting to Know Jared Ebert

Oregon's newest defensive tackle is waiting for a plane to take him cross country, but he was gracious and courteous in a telephone interview about his first season of major college football.

TDSH: You were recruited by a number of schools around the country, including TCU, West Virginia and Missouri.  Why did you choose Oregon?

J.E.:  Well, I've always been a fan of Oregon.  One night I was sitting around with some teammates and I said Oregon would be about the coolest school to go to, my dream school, you know, and a day or two later they called me.

I was being recruited by a lot of schools by the recruiter or the recruiting coordinator, but for Oregon it was my position coach,  Coach Azz.  He told me that he wanted me and they needed me with a couple of defensive tackles graduating.

TDSH: What was your impression of Coach Azz?

J.E.: Oh, I really liked him.  I love his energy, his attitude toward football, that it's serious but still a game.

During your recruiting visit did you get a chance to make any friends on the team, ease your adjustment across the country?

I met all the guys on the d-line, sat with them during the meetings.  They're a great group of guys.

TDSH:  How would you describe your playing style?

J.E.:  Speed.  I try to play as fast as I can, be a playmaker.  I'm always there to make a play.  A lot of guys who play on the interior line tend to just soak up blocks but I want to make a play whenever I can.

TDSH:  What are you looking to improve on in your game as you come to Oregon?

Again, speed.  I want to get faster, get cut.

TDSH:  The recruiting sites list you at 6-6 285, with a 4.8 40.  Are those numbers accurate?

J.E.:  Yeah, that's about right.  I'm actually 6-5.  I wish I was 6-6.  I'm at about 280 right now, but yeah.

TDSH:  What do see as the biggest adjustment, going from a top JC program to major college football?

J.E.: Just the competitiveness every day in practice.  I'll be working against some of the top offensive linemen in the country.

TDSH: Do you have aspirations to play at the next level?

J.E.:  I want to take football as far as it goes.  But I know I have to take it one step at a time, and the next step is Oregon.

TDSH:  In researching this interview I got an opportunity to exchange emails with your parents, and they sent along a video of you and your brothers working with the handicapped people in the Grand Canyon.  You obviously have a wonderful family structure.  What role have your parents played in your development as a person and a football player?

J.E.: Oh, my parents are my idols.  They've made all the difference in my life, and they're kind of my inspiration.  Not working hard would be letting them down.

TDSH:  Jared, thanks for your time and welcome to Oregon.  Have a good flight and good luck getting settled in.

J.E.:  You're welcome, and thank you.


Duck Tracks:  Ebert comes across as a great addition to a team of guys who are directed, focused and well-adjusted, a team of character and commitment.  Terrell Turner would have done a much better job with the interview (I was a tongue-tied idiot) but the young man could not have been more poised and gracious.  He's a Duck.  He'll fit in, work hard, and make Oregon fans proud.

Just like his teammates.

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