Sunday, March 27, 2011

In SEC Country, They're Looking Forward to a Little Duck Hunting

There's a website for Georgia fans called "Bubba n' Earl, Sittin' at the 50," and this weekend B&E rank the top ten games involving SEC teams in 2011. Oregon versus LSU is number one, followed by Georgia versus Boise State, also on September 3rd, the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic at the Georgia Dome in Hotlanta:

#2 Georgia vs. Boise State - September 3   The country will be pulling for Boise to beat the Dawgs. I sure hope we are ready to send them packing just like we did back in 2005. Georgia typically shows up in these situations. I definitely don't want to be the team that let Boise State get the SEC monkey off their back.

#1 - Oregon at LSU - September 3

LSU hosts the defending Pac-10 at Jerry Jones' football palace in Dallas. It should be quite a show."

You have to admire the passion and fervor of southern fans. Bubba and Earl's masthead proclaims, "God talks like we do."

Few have heard the voice of the Almighty since Moses, so it can't be determined with certainty whether the footbawl-frenzied sons of the south are correct in this.  I've always imagined the Lord to have a voice like Billy Graham, rich and powerful,  yet soothing, with a message that's full of hope.

One thing that is certain, from the evidence of things seen, is that God's favorite colors are green and yellow, for He chose them as the hues of spring and renewal.  The Creator of the Universe may indeed talk like they do, but the sun that sustains every creature shines bright yellow in the morning sky, and decorates the fertile earth a brilliant green.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow, and Go Ducks.


  1. Bubba 'n Earl are characters created by the late, great Atlanta Journal/Constitution columnist/humorist Lewis Grizzard. Here is one of his Bubba 'n Earl stories:

  2. Thanks for the link EC, and the clarification. Almost every Oregon fan will be rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs on September 3rd. We don't like Boise State much in these parts.