Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rob Moseley previews the d-line. Brandon Hanna is the likely replacement for Rowe at drop end.

This afternoon he adds a preview of linebackers,  Have to wonder, with the talent and speed in this group,  Lokombo, Kaddu, Clay, Alonso, Wallace, Malone, Stuckey,  if the Ducks won't play more 3-4 this year.   Especially when you factor in the questions at defensive line.  Thing is, they don't have a true nose tackle.  Heimuli comes closest.

Wonder also if Eddie Pleasant would be better back at outside linebacker.  His coverage skills were a persistent problem last year at safety, and he might be able to contribute more if he played closer to the line of scrimmage.  Hope he's committed to improving.  The Ducks have a wealth of talent in the secondary, which the Moze will preview tomorrow.

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