Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The SEC Honks Are at it Again

EC Dawg of The Leather Helmet Blog is at it again.  The nation's foremost SEC apologist and mouth-breathing SEC supremacist puts on his moonshine googles to look back into history and declare "SEC Dominance Nothing New."  With a true revisionist southern spirit he looks back at national championship polls from the 1930's and '40's and concludes although southern schools weren't winning championships then, they certainly should have. 

Here's an excerpt from his argument with himself:

My contention is that demographic change in the United States since 1960 has more to do with the actual awarding of championships than the relative strength of teams across the country. In other words, not only has population shifted South but so has media/media awareness. With increased media numbers in the region has come greater greater respect for quality of play nationally.

Translation:  teams like Army, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and the Big Ten may have dominated prior to 1960, but only because the "I didn't know" defense and ESPN hadn't been invented yet.

Oregon will get to make its own rebuttal on the subject of SEC dominance on September 3rd.


  1. Hahah... what a tool. The Pac 10 can't keep up with the MAC, much less the SEC... Thank God for people like EC who know their football.

  2. Oregon already had its chance in the BCSCG and its rebuttal was not heard.

  3. The National Championship came down to a field goal with two seconds to play, and Oregon has a much better chance to return to a BCS bowl than does Auburn.

    Since 2002, Oregon is 3-1 versus the SEC.

    Rude anonymous name calling is the SEC fans' stock in trade. Somehow y'all confuse belligerence with having a point. You seem to disgrace your schools every time you visit our site with your lack of fundamental courtesy.


  4. Dale,

    That might be true, but to a certain extent, don't mistake behaving civil with fans who demand much of their conference. Pac-12 fans have only started to while SEC fans have done it forever. To their credit, it's why they've succeeded. It's obvious after watching the BCS NC game that the SEC is still severely overrated (any objective viewer can see why): their coaching lacks ingenuity, the quarterbacks aren't properly trained, the offensive schemes are outdated and the defenses lauded, but are fairly lousy for giving up as much yardage as they do (over 400 yards, easily could have been more to Oregon). It's a matter of time before the Pac-12 buys a new TV contract, outdates the SEC's and kids start to recognize that they can actually go to decent schools in good weather. For the Pac-10 to have beaten the SEC last year would have been a quick step toward the future, however, it's more plausible that it will happen in the next three to four years. You're right to point out that Auburn is a flash-in-the-pan who paid for success, but to really beat the SEC the conference has to beat them in the market. Only then can the Pac-12 claim the line of scrimmage and couple that with prolific offenses.

    Furthermore, the truth every southern fan hates to admit is that as successful the SEC was over the last decade, they were miles behind USC's dynasty. When USC played SEC schools, they absolutely demoralized them. Should Oregon or any of our schools succeed via the new contracts, in time, we become the premier athletic conference, period. Just as we are in all other sports. And we should fight for that, just as SEC fans do.

  5. That is a wonderfully written and well-thought-out post--I thank you for sending it, and only wish you had signed it.

    Thanks for reading and weighing in.


  6. Anon @4:22PM:

    Pass the Kool-Aid; I've heard that you folks out West have a penchant for huddling up and drinking it together.

    Take a look at the map and see where the recruiting bases in the country are:

    And associated article:

  7. I've looked at those articles. It's also astounding how well the Pac-12 has recruited in those areas. Isn't it amazing that we can recruit in your neck of the woods and you can't recruit outside of it?

  8. And it's interesting you heard that. I hear you folks out South have a penchant for (1) injecting Kool-Aid into your frontal lobe, (2) letting it mix with the irrational amalgam of hatred and delusions of grandeur, (3) going to the local surgeon to get a lobotomy, and then (4) taking that poison to rot the roots of age-old trees at Toomer's Corner.

    Pot meet kettle?

  9. Also of note is how the population has moved SOUTHWEST, not Southeast. It's amazing how that little nugget of information eluded Dawg.