Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Fish Reports in One Week: FishDuck Explains It All

A new era of Oregon football is unfolding in the Moshofsky center.

Years past, the Ducks would be lucky to have one premier player, one top drawer talent.  Now they have a backfield full of them.

In his two reports this week, Oregon's New Offense? and Shotgun Wishbone?  FishDuck explores how all that talent can be utilized to maximum advantage.  The Oregon offense is evolving, morphing before our eyes, to exploit this tremendous wealth of speed and athletic ability.

The Ducks had a varied, explosive attack last season that led the nation in scoring with 47 points per game and 6899 yards of total offense. 

One of the great teams of the past had Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside.  The Webfoots of 2011 have Mr. Inside, Mr. Outside, Mr. Around, Long Gone, Through and Over-the-Top.

It's going to be some very entertaining football.

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