Monday, April 11, 2011

Attitude Reflect Leadership, Captain

3:32 a.m: Rob Moseley ran his first post of the day at three-freaking-thirty-two a.m.  That's some serious blogging, folks.

This morning he announced the 16 "squad leaders" named by Chip Kelly this week:

Quarterback: Darron Thomas
Running back: LaMichael James, Kenjon
Wide receiver: Lavasier Tuinei, Justin Hoffman
Tight end: David Paulson
Offensive line: Darrion Weems, Mark Asper, Ramsen Golpashin
Defensive line: Terrell Turner, Brandon Hanna
Linebacker: Josh Kaddu, Michael Clay
Defensive back: Eddie Pleasant, Anthony Gildon
Special teams: Jackson Rice

That's a great list, a core of leadership to get this year's team focused and ready to achieve a third straight PAC-10 (12) championship.

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