Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A couple of more notes

The centers spend one early period drilling strictly on the shotgun snap, hiking to each other. Both are deadly accurate, but fumble-fingered quarterbacks.

Receivers and secondary do a one-on-one drill where they work on getting off the line, coverage, getting free, pressing downfield.  John Boyett always matches up with Lavasier Tuinei.  Epic battles.  Boyett is a motormouth on the field, either directing traffic or talking trash between plays.  His lower body is powerful, evidence of much dedication in the weight room.  With a day off the practice field today, Ducks will be spending the morning with Jim Radcliffe and his staff.

Radcliffe is a dynamo on the field, a ball of infectious energy.  In a punt return drill he takes reps, weaving and cutting upfield, getting a hoot and a holler from some of the players.  At 53, he has the body and the energy of a much younger man, a testament to his life style and habits.  Clearly he practices what he preaches.  The strength and conditioning mentor ought to have his own show on TV.  They could call it "The Biggest Winner."

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