Saturday, April 2, 2011

For Those Who Are About to Block, We Salute You

Encouraging reports from the third day of practice:  Oregon ran a crisp, spirited, high-intensity Competition Day before a good crowd of visiting coaches, Junior Day recruits, and eager fans.  Rob Moseley's twitter was humming with snippets and details, among them that the offense pulled ahead 94-81, fittingly, on a late touchdown by LaMichael James.

Practice video from the Oregonian's Molly Blue:

Here's the most significant win today: It's clear that this Oregon team has the same love of football and commitment to intensity and hard work that got them here, the top rung of college football. 

They have five months to build on this wonderful beginning, and then it's bring on LSU for another crack at the SEC.


  1. Re: video above... Is it just me or do DT's legs look much thicker? Way to go DT and Coach Rad!

  2. Dave--

    Molly Blue does a great job with Oregon video, doesn't she? FishDuck phoned from practice, and one of his immediate impressions was that BOTH Thomas and Bennett look sturdier after winter workouts. The players and Coach Radcliffe and the strength and conditioning staff did a tremendous job this year.

    Good to hear from you, and see you at the Spring Game.