Saturday, April 9, 2011

If You Were Duck Czar for a Day, Who Would You Have Cast in Bronze?

ESPN reports Florida had their spring game today, unveiling statutes outside the stadium of their three Heisman Trophy winners at halftime, Steve Spurrier, Danny Weurffel, and Tim Tebow.

If the Ducks put up three statues outside Autzen, who would they be?  Off hand, I'd say Bobby Moore (Ahmad Rashad), Dennis Dixon, and Joey Harrington.  But there are several other possibilities:

Rich Brooks, Mike Bellotti, Chip Kelly
Norm Van Brocklin, George Shaw, Mel Renfro
Bob Berry, Dan Fouts, Bill Musgrave
Kenny Wheaton (frozen in the moment of "The Pick"), Dino Philyaw (sprinting with the screen pass to earn the Rose Bowl) Jeremiah Johnson (the stiff arm, on the way to 83-yard touchdown in the 2008 Civil War)
Phil Knight, Bill Byrne, the Moshofskys
Jonathan Stewart, LaMichael James, Derek Loville
Keenan Howry, Sammie Parker, Patrick Johnson
Dave Wilcox, Justin Wilcox, Josh Wilcox
Steve Baack, Rollin Putzier, Haloti Ngata
Jerry Allen, The Duck, The Autzen Stadium Crowd
There are probably three dozen others not mentioned here.  Leave your nominations in the comments, or send along an email to

Of course it could be argued that the Ducks haven't yet earned a statue outside Autzen, but I'd argue the day isn't that far away.  As long as Chip Kelly stays, Oregon will complete a statue-worthy season within the next five years.


  1. rich brooks, len casanova, dan fouts, joey harrington. maybe lamicheal if he's out of school by the time the process starts.

    we all love dennis dixon, but he was great for 9 games. if he hadn't gotten hurt and everything we think would have happened if he stayed healthy (win the NC and he wins the heisman) then i could see dennis in that group.

  2. Grant,

    Good point about Dixon. The other players you mentioned had THREE great seasons. Casanova, who I overlooked, was a legend and a truly great man.

    Thanks for your comment,