Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Issues are what you have when you don't know what you're doing

ESPN can't resist the hype and hysteria button where the Ducks are concerned.  Today's insider story is "Rumors:  Oregon having issues on defense."  The "issue" turns out to be Terrell Turner's injury, which isn't an issue for two reasons.  One, Terrell Turner is a veteran, a known quantity with plenty of time to rehab and recover, and two, his absence is giving Dion Jordan, Brandon Hanna and Tony Washington reps. 

The Ducks regularly played 26 people on defense last season.  The rotation wore down opponents, motivated the roster, developed depth, and helped keep the defense fresh and relatively free of injury.

Turner's injury is not an issue.  Chip Kelly's team doesn't have issues.  They have opportunities.  And bet that the loquacious Turner is making a contribution without taking a snap.  The only detriment is that the senior defensive end is one of the guys likely to become a leader on this team, and it's a little harder for him to assume that role not playing.  Still, he has the best strength and conditioning program in the country behind him, first class facilities to work on his rehab, and an exceptional medical staff overseeing his treatment. 

Although Turner gets a lot of attention for his humor and likability, what's less known about him is what a hard worker he is.  According to, the 6-3, 273-lb. defensive end was a member of the Oregon Iron Club in 2010, totaling 1,204 lbs. in the clean, squat and bench press during winter testing, and tied for the top spot on the team with a 395-lb. bench press.

When the whistle blows in Dallas, Terrell Turner will have his helmet strapped on.  The only issue will be making plays and having fun playing football.  Jerry Azzinaro has instilled a lot of pride and desire in the Oregon defensive line, and the affable Turner is a sterling example.

An Interview with Terrell Turner, spring 2010, by Sam Finley:

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