Thursday, April 7, 2011

We're Moving

In just a day or so, The Duck Stops Here will be moving to our new home at the Bloguin Network.  We'll have an update and a forwarding link as soon as it's ready.  The archives of the old site will be transferred, and there will be a specially dedicated section for The Fish Reports, including access to Fish's work in explaining the Oregon system in prior years.

The new site will load quicker, have improved optimization features, a more professional look, and the quality and support of The Bloguin Network.  It will also have facebook and twitter feeds, as soon as I find a 14-year-old child to explain to me how to use them.

We'll have the same dedication to commentary, opinions and analysis of Duck football.  Below is a sneak preview of the new masthead and logo:

Cool, huh?


  1. Thanks E.C., and thanks for your advice and assistance.

    [Editor's note: EC Dawg is the creator of Leather Helmet Blog, one of the leading blogs from the SEC, also on the Bloguin Network.]