Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting to Know the 2011 Duck Newcomers

This week, 22 mothers will say good-bye to their sons, entrusting them to our care as a community. The members of the 2011 Oregon recruiting class are about to officially become Ducks, committing themselves to a five-year adventure, the opportunity to test themselves against the best college athletes in the world, in the most difficult and violent game in the world. They'll face temptations, challenges and setbacks. They'll grow. They'll hurt. They'll fail. They'll achieve unbelievable things and receive accolades and notoriety. For many of them, their families will be long distant and almost unreachable, and the ache they feel for the comforts of home will surprise them. In other moments they'll not be able to stretch their eyes or their heart wide enough for what they are about to be a part of.

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