Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recruiting: Josh Garnett and Zach Banner are the bookend tackles of a coach's dream team

The first ten plays of his highlight video Josh Garnett knocks his defender down; on one of the plays, two different players on the same play. He's a huge, elite lineman, prodigiously strong, mobile and athletic enough to be throwing blocks 30 yards downfield. He doesn't just throw blocks, he throws opponents, shoving them down like poorly-dug fence poles.

At the 1:00-minute mark he's playing left tackle on an inside handoff, and collapses the right side of the opponents' defense like an expandable file wrested from the hands of an IRS agent. His team wears a logo on their helmet like the Minnesota Vikings, and watching him, you feel like a Vikings tackle decided to get a little work in during the lockout by subbing in for a local high school team.

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