Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Q&A with Greg Poole of Leather Helmet Blog

Greg Poole of Leather Helmet Blog, who writes under the nickname EC Dawg, asks the tough questions about Oregon's involvement with Will Lyles and the current media firestorm. Poole also writes his own pull-no-punches breakdown of the developments in the case, "Oregon Ripped off or Ducking?" which by now is making Oregon fans' ears bleed.

His is the best SEC blog out there, the one most free of homerism or boosterism, and a good gauge of a national perspective from an informed college football fan.

LHB: 1. Give me the homer side of the revelations so far. From the east coast and with an SEC perspective - the $25,000 payment for for a national recruiting package that included 5 players not from Texas and zero players actually eligible to be recruited - the deal is suspect at best.

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