Monday, June 13, 2011

On a positive note

Rob Moseley has a story on graduation.  Several Ducks earned their diplomas today:

Sociology: Zac Clark, Anthony Gildon, Eddie Pleasant
Political Science: Tyrell Irvin, Jeff Maehl, Kenny Rowe
Business Administration: David Paulson
Journalism: Carson York
Education/Family Services: Terrell Turner

Gildon, Pleasant, Paulson, Turner and York still have eligibility left.  Great to see these young men take advantage of their opportunity.  Their families are rightfully proud.  Wonderful too to see Clark, Irvin, Maehl and Rowe stick it out and finish--particularly Maehl and Rowe, who have aspirations to play football beyond college.

On the whole, this is a good program with good young people.  They're not choir boys; no one expects them to be.  But it is disheartening to see one of them show such bad judgment that he potentially endangered his life and the lives of others.  Imagine a possum or a stray two-by-four in the roadway that morning.  Think of the sorrow this day could be for Harris' family and the entire Duck community.  118 miles per hour is beyond stupid all the way to scary.

Be interesting to see how the Coach handles this.  Glad Cliff and his passengers get a chance to take this in another direction.  Also interesting to note one of the Ducks who graduated today was the driver a couple of years ago in a street-racing accident that injured a young child.  I don't believe he's had any trouble since.

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