Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stroupinator III: Inquisition

He's back. And this time, he has questions.

Robert Stroup, our East Coast correspondent, a Duck alum who's currently attending architecture school at Lehigh University, sends along another installment of the Stroupinator file, this time in the form of three questions. They appear below in italics; answers from his extreme elders at the Duck Stops here appear in green.

I'm too young to really know what happened in the 70s or 80s, but over that time (as I've gathered from my uncle) Washington was a really, really good team. Do you think their relative lack of success recently is a better indicator for what Washington is as a program? Or do you think they can morph back into a national contender? being from washington, i've watched them at times... so personally, i don't expect consistent greatness from them (and that's not the duck fan in me talking). and are their fans going through an identity crisis? after the reading the espn blogs, i'm a little concerned for the husky faithful, who seem to harbor unfathomable expectations for a first-year quarterback and a third-year coach. (what i think: I think washington is a good, but not a great program.)

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