Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lyles didn't meet the NCAA guidelines for a legitimate recruiting service. Website, pricing structure and reports all inadequate.


  1. I want to root for a team that does things the right way... or at the least plays on a level playing field.

    But, I'm getting so sick of this story. Somebody find something illegal already, cause this is all just getting annoying. Is Oregon gonna get sanctions for paying "above market value" for something when everyone knows that much higher sums of money change hands in this sport all the time? Are they gonna get sanctions for paying for a piss poor product from a contractor? (Cause that's never happened to anyone.) Is Oregon going to be forced to lose scholarships and vacate wins because a contractor provided services annually instead of quarterly?? or provided incomplete descriptions on a website? Somebody please provide some evidence that Will Lyles influenced Lache Seastrunk to go to Oregon. Mack Brown or ESPN can you prove that or even actually allege it, pretty pretty please. Or will we just be forced to suffer through an already insufferable summer with constant innuendo of how this all just smells so fishy?

    Can we just play some football already?

  2. That's a strong take, and I completely understand your frustration. The whole story is getting old, and I am sick of the columns full of innuendo and "unanswered questions." It's tiresome. Would love to see a resolution to all this and a return to focus on competition.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.