Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Worst Case Kash Scenario

The traffic ticket isn't the main worry at this point. Certainly he needs counsel on that, but for the NCAA, the "extra benefit" is the real issue.

Dillon Baxter drew heat for a ride in a golf cart. Georgia receiver got five games for selling his jersey. That's the potential issue, "extra benefits."

If Harris has to sit games, starting corners are Anthony Gildon and Terrence Mitchell. One plus is that LSU's Jefferson doesn't really throw that well.

Besides, Tigers still have to stop Darron Thomas and Lamichael James. Ducks can win a shootout if it goes that way.

If they got past LSU without Cliff, they'd be okay for SW Missouri St and Nevada at home. Have to check, but I think at Arizona is game four.

This team won 10 games without Walter Thurmond, then back-to-back league titles without Blount and Masoli. Kenjon Barner will return punts without much dropoff.

A potential suspension would be a turning point in Cliff Harris' life, and a challenge for this team. They've overcome adversity before, similar big losses.

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