Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can LaMichael win LaHeisman?

All elective races have their outrages and miseries. Be it President, Prime Minister or Pope, or American Idol Season 5, there are shining moments where a great talent ascends, and years where the white smoke rises for a muddling fool who adds nothing to history. Sometimes, the race goes not to the swift but to some hick with fortunate timing and a dim future. As veteran observers, we tailor our expectations accordingly.

(photo left: LaMichael James, at last December's Heisman Awards ceremony. Getty images photo)
So too with the Heisman trophy. In week four of college football, The Heisman Pundit polls 13 likely voters and declares the two most eligible candidates are Andrew Luck (a reasonable and supportable choice) followed closely by Robert Griffin the Third of Baylor. The three also-rans of the moment are Kellen Moore, Marcus Lattimore and Case Keenum of Houston. Denard Robinson is a distant sixth. LaMichael James, the leading rusher in the country with 613 yards, 7 touchdowns and a gaudy 9.4 yard average, wasn't named on a single straw ballot. The Pundit himself, Chris Huston, also an actual Heisman voter, says James has only a dim chance with the voters for college football's most prestigious individual award:
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  1. It's a very good question.

    My thinking is that he is no longer a top favorite. He was being shadowed early on and got off to a poor start. If the voters are looking at consistency they may find him lacking.

    On the other hand, his all purpose yards are amazing. I think Kelly is allowing him to return kick offs to boost those totals for the purpose of Heiseman votes. I suppose that's OK.

    So if they look at his all purpose yards he could make it. Otherwise, if they are looking more at his running stats, I doubt it.

    Lastly, it depends on how the rest of the season goes. The Heisman is awarded to the top player on a BCS team (for the most part) anymore. If we fail to make the Rose Bowl, I think he's DOA for the Heisman.