Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gang Green? SEC? Duck fans want perfection, or at least a few more stops

Like their coach, Duck fans have become perfectionists. Chip Kelly, asked on Sunday about the Oregon running game, which rolled up 415 yards on Arizona after 416 yards on Missouri, and Kelly responded in his clipped New England interview voice that it could be better.

The Ducks won by 25 on the road in the conference opener, and most Duck fans, talking to their Duck buddies on Sunday and Monday, came to the same conclusion. It could be better. Darron Thomas, sharp and consistent in the passing game in two home wins, misfired downfield with receivers open. And the defense gave up almost 400 yards passing and 31 points.

Winning by 25 on the road in the conference opener wasn’t enough. GD58, one of the commenters at The Duck Stops Here, wrote, “I’d just love it if we had the kind of fast, smart and hard hitting defense that evokes the Gang Green of years not too long ago.”

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