Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Don't believe the snipe--The Oregon Ducks face a formidable opponent on Saturday

Missouri State is the team on the opposite sideline, but Oregon's true opponents on Saturday are Complacency, Over-Confidence and The Failure to Improve.

A lackluster effort against an 0-2 FCS school won't cost them the game, but it could cost the Ducks one later. Missouri State would have trouble beating Portland State. If money were no object, they would come West to play Portland State or Chico, and that's a game the Bears, picked to finish last in the Missouri Valley conference, could play heads up. They're coming to Autzen to collect a paycheck, and don't have more than two or three players that could crack the Oregon two-deep. It's a replacement game, against some not very dangerous people.

photo at left: the Ducks can show up dazed and confused on Saturday and do pretty well, but if they're not careful, they'll wind up sharing their spicy cheese pizza with the rest of the conference. ( photo)

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