Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How important is a Heisman Trophy to Oregon's success?

By itself, the Heisman isn't important to Oregon or LaMichael James. Chip Kelly told Adam Jude and the rest of the PAC-12 writers today that James is a thoroughly unselfish player, and the only awards he cares about are team awards. The Ducks want to win the next game, and that's all they focus on. Pressed to be honest, most of them might admit they want another conference title and a shot at the Rose Bowl. But the next game is the meaningful building block, beating a Cal team with a strong-armed quarterback and two fast 6-3 receivers, Keenan Allen and Marvin Jones.

photo right: The Ducks haven't yet mastered the SEC, but LaMichael James two biggest games last season came in Oregon's biggest conference matchups of the year, Stanford and USC. (outside the photo)

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  1. Probably not too much. We're recruiting as well as a team hidden in the Pacific Northwest can- for the most part.

    I think a BCS win will go a lot further than a Heisman winner.

  2. BP-

    Great to hear from you. Agree that a BCS win would have more impact.

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