Friday, September 9, 2011

Game two preducktion: Nevada at Oregon

Nevada deserves respect for a number of reasons. One, they were willing to go on the road and schedule a team like Oregon for their opening game. They are defending Western Athletic Conference Co-Champions. They finished 13-1 last season with victories over Cal, Boise State and Boston College. They run an innovative offense which their coach invented, and he's in the College Football Hall of Fame, one of only two active coaches to be so honored. Like the Ducks, they play fast and physical and fly around on defense.

The Wolfpack have gone to bowl games six seasons in a row. Most of them were minor, but even so, they've accomplished two things in the last two years that the Ducks haven't: they beat Boise State, and won a bowl game. Something to keep in mind, while counting this one as in the bag.

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