Monday, September 5, 2011

Taking redemption in one-week doses: a first look at Oregon vs Nevada

The best antidote for a miserable, demoralizing loss is a confidence-building win. The Ducks play host to the Nevada Wolfpack on Saturday in Autzen Stadium, and their goal is to be inhospitable and vengeful hosts.

But the Wolfpack are an unknown quantity: they took last week off and have the blessing of an extra week of preparation and no in-game bumps and bruises, while the Ducks have several of unknown severity. Rob Moseley reported Kenjon Barner left Cowboys Stadium in a walking boot, and nearly every Duck suffers from at least severely-wounded pride as they begin preparations for their opponent in game two.

photo at right: The Wolfpack will be amped for a showdown with a PAC-12 opponent, and the Ducks would be foolish to overlook them. (photo courtesy

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