Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stroupinator's pregame blast: Number one with a bullet, or hopelessly outgunned?

Guest Post by Robert "Stroupinator Stroup
JPAICVCBXZKUWFI_20100428185213“Bullets beat bowling balls” used to be a famous saying for Oregon. "We base our recruiting, we base everything we do on speed,” Chip Kelly once said. “We do live in Tracktown, USA.” In the late 2000s, one could argue that Oregon’s penchant for shooting “bullets” became sort of a rallying cry. The Ducks wisely, methodically and in a workmanlike style used speed and conditioning to gas opponents, no matter the size. Teams with the bulk of USC, Tennessee and Michigan all succumbed to the tempo, which at times was dizzying.

It’s odd. We don’t hear those four words that begin with “B” anymore. Why is that?

Photo at left: The critics point to three games to negate the successes of 22. Bullets? Bowling Balls? What about two straight conference titles and 47 points a game? Something's working, but to Stroup, the gun isn't properly loaded-editor.

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