Friday, June 10, 2011

ESPN's Ted Miller says Oregon's biggest strength is the offensive backfield (indisputable) and the 2nd best unit is the secondary. What's the 3rd? Weakest?


  1. I would put our Special Teams as our third best unit and until proven otherwise, I would put our O Line as our weakest unit. We have to show up against the big boys in order for me to change my mind on that unit.

  2. AD--

    Completely agree about the special teams unit, which comes awfully close to being 1A or 2A. Solid kicker, good directional punter, exception return men, good coverage teams, and the extra boost the Ducks get from all those successful two-point conversions, which change game strategy.

    Agree also that the offensive line has the most to prove, and the biggest challenge in the opening game. If the Ducks want to win, this group has to gel.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.