Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pryor, and his former coach, are getting the outrage they deserve

The Ohio State scandal continues to dominate college football news.  Yesterday on ESPN's College Football Live analyst Rod Gilmore played the race card, suggesting that Terrelle Pryor was being singled out because he was African-American.  No, Pryor is being singled out because 1) he's the quarterback, 2) he's driving around in a 350Z with a suspended license and 3) he acted like an arrogant jerk with no regard for his teammates or his school.  This is strictly a content-of-character issue.  Pryor embroiled himself in the scandal and the resultant fallout.  His former coach, the newly unemployed Jim Tressel, is getting plenty of heat also, particularly for posing as a man of faith and integrity while fostering what Mark May  called "a culture of corruption."

(The video quality here is poor, but it's included because Gilmore should be quoted accurately.)

The Ohio State community is shocked and angry.  They'd committed their hearts, wallets and passion to a team that didn't care about the truth or the law.  Their reaction, full of shame, bitterness and outrage, has plenty of venom for the coach, the quarterback and the administration.  It's an equal opportunity disappointment.

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