Friday, June 10, 2011

Request for reader input

We're working on some new things at the Duck Stops here, and we want to create content that is interesting and informative.  Lately we've been experimenting with quick, mobile blogging in the morning at our old website, followed by longer posts, essays and video at our new url in the afternoon.

It occurs to me that the quick mobile posts are a lot like tweets.  I'm old-fashioned; I only recently got a mobile phone with a slide-out keyboard.  That was a big step forward.  Should I be tweeting instead?  Do readers enjoy the quick, two-sentence posts (They seem to; traffic is up) or should I wait and do things that are more substantial?

Our goal here is to provide opinions, commentary and analysis that increase readers' enjoyment and appreciation of Duck football.  Your comments and contributions are always welcome.  Use the comment feature here at the site, or shoot me an email to, anytime. 

Best wishes, and go Ducks.


  1. LOVE the site, wouldn't like to see it turn into page after page of one liners.... I vote for put it all together into a read.... much more satisfying.

  2. I enjoy the material either way. I do find it a bit cumbersome to find the oldest post, however.