Friday, August 26, 2011

Can a Duck win the Heisman?

Chris Huston, The Heisman Pundit, has ten rules for the Heisman Trophy he calls "The Ten Heismandents." The rules are based on a careful review of Heisman history in the race for football's most prestigious individual award.

Having one in the trophy case would be another measure that the Ducks have arrived at the top rung of college football, and it would be another thing for coaches to point to in recruiting visits. It sends the message, "You can be a success at Oregon. You can achieve all your goals, be on national TV, compete for championships, make it to the league. And you can be the brightest star in college football."

The beauty of it is, the Ducks don't recruit guys who place a lot of emphasis on that last part, focusing on players who have "chance to win" as one of their highest priorities in selecting a school. Oregon won't conduct a campaign for Darron Thomas, Cliff Harris or LaMichael James, but they are each legitimate Stiff Arm Trophy candidates anyway.

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