Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chip Kelly the latest in a long line of cagey pregame coaches

Chip Kelly never has any trouble being heard. At practice sometimes you can hear him bellow from across the field. At a spring practice inside the Mo a defensive back made a late tackle at the sideline. Coach blew his whistle sharply and barked out a correction.

The DB shrugged like, what'd I do? Coach screamed out, "YOU RAISE YOUR ARMS IN THE AIR YOU'RE GIVING ME 40 UP-DOWNS!" The player quickly complied. No audibility issues there, and none when he chats to Erin Andrews on the sideline.
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But post-practice out by the dumpster or at the interview table, you'd think the coach had laryngitis. He whispers. He low talks. He understates and underplays. Can't really tell until you've seen them under fire. They seem to be making progress, but every day is different. A few of the freshman might play, but not as many as people think. We're moving around, but the threes and fours on the scout team can't simulate the speed of LSU. Mostly we're just getting lined up, dialing up our assignments.

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