Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Dark Stroup Rises

“Sending a Message” Could Unravel the NCAA
Guest post by Robert "Stroupinator" Stroup

[Editor's note: in his continuing campaign to put me out of a job, Robert "Stroupinator" Stroup sends along a post today about NCAA justice and the concept of "sending a message."]

This isn’t about Will Lyles. In my opinion, he’s a victim, not a suspect, and as such, he’s not worth my time. Instead, this thought – which I’ve been thinking for quite some time – is about the immediate future. Something is going to come of this. What it is, no one seems to know. But for good reasons, everyone fears the worst, even given the confidence of a head coach.

For weeks, all anyone has heard is “the NCAA wants to send a message.” And Oregon fans, seeing Washington and USC in their rearview mirror, immediately fight against those words. They should. This is not the first time a major program out west has been under investigation. And as both USC and Washington were seemingly dismantled after sanctions, if history repeats, Oregon will be dismantled too.

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