Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday practice update from Lexusduck

Lexusduck, a long-timeDuck fan and frequent contributor to the comments section of The Duck Stops Here, sends along an update from today's full pads afternoon practice:

Well practice was pretty sweet, I'm going to give my rundown since Dale wasn't there. My first thought was...who is #75? I was 3 ft from him, turns out that's Euscher. That guy really stood out in terms of size. Dion Jordan wins the 'most athletic looking in pads' trophy. Kiko is absolutely huge, I can see why someone was so frightened by his unwanted presence at 3am!

The practice is about to begin and what do I see on twitter? 'Seastrunk will transfer!' I was asking anyone in shouting distance, and sure enough #15 was missing. Safe travels Lache, thanks for the summer of grief. NOW on to the field.

-Big Heimuli is easily the biggest D-lineman and he was moving well. A good sign. Turner has really bulked up. Coach Azz is entertaining.

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