Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Duck Tracks: the flight patterns and footprints from the first three days of practice

The Ducks are still in shorts and helmets, with shells tomorrow. It's impossible to make any conclusions about play on the offensive and defensive lines, other than rotations and conditioning, and any observations about skill position players have to be tempered. Lache Seastrunk was blowing it up in Spring the first two days, but when the pads came on, he started dancing. Young players do that. The get juke-itis and want to bounce everything outside. Fortunately he has a patient and thorough coach with a tremendous teaching style in Gary Campbell. Lache will be just fine. He'll start the foghorns a few times this fall, probably no later than SW Missouri State. And fans will be happy for him.

But there are few trends and patterns emerging from the practice reports, several of which should prove reliable:

Terrance Mitchell looks looks very solid at defensive back

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