Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Ducks will win a 3rd straight conference title if:

Keep your national championship; it's fraught with politics and inside manuevering and mythical anyway. A true Duck fan only wants two things at the beginning of a new season: a conference championship and a Rose Bowl trophy. Those are the goals that measure success in the West, the only goals that are completely under the team's control, not tainted by obscurely-programmed computers in the basement of some stat geek from Seattle, not moved southeastward by a season of lobbying by Craig James. Win the division, win the conference title game, go to the Rose Bowl, and that's a season for the ages, one that could make Jerry Allen cry again. The rest of the stuff is up to pollsters and the strength of schedule calculators, and the coaches who placed eight SEC teams in the top 25. I don't care two stinking expired game tickets for a title that is determined even infinitesmally by the outcome of Elon at Vanderbilt.

Win the Day. Win the conference. Win the Rose Bowl. That is all you ever need know. Everything else is a Sunday night earpiece argument, a room full of hot air, bright lights and grown men wearing makeup.

How do the Ducks win their third straight conference championship? There are seven key elements as the freshmen arrive on campus and fall camp begins:

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