Saturday, August 6, 2011

A storm of sexy is coming your way: previewing the 2011 Oregon wide receivers

Sportswriters are notoriously cautious. They don't make bold predictions as that would be unseemly. They stick to the script, and write the depth chart as it is, not what it could be. There's no fault in that, no dishonesty. They just have to stick to facts. It's not in the newspaper game to dream dreams that never were and ask, why not?

Which is why Aaron Fentress of the Oregonian lists Justin Hoffman and Will Murphy at the top of the Oregon two-deep at wide receiver. He's just doing his job, as those are the players that are in house and in hand.

Josh Huff, who averaged 17.8
yds per run and 15.9 yards
a reception as a true freshman
But a storm of sexy is coming our way, a "Whitney"-like onslaught of talent and brash creativity. B.J. Kelley, "Rocket80" arrived in town Friday, and Devon Blackmon is on also back from a visit home. Rob Moseley reports Rahsaan Vaughn is slated to arrive over the weekend. Tacoi Sumler spent the summer here, and made a nice impression. Josh Huff, he gets more cut and more confident with every month. He announced himself with an 85-yard bang as a true freshman, and his store of fireworks is rich, tightly-fused and colorful. Huff's the only one who didn't come to town ready-made with a nickname. De'Anthony Thomas has two or three. For a guy as talented and effective as Huff has been, "Josh Huff" seems nickname enough. The kid with the Captain America physique and the Kenjon Barner speed just keeps making plays. No need for a dramatic pause or trademark dance or flashy sobriquet. The replay is flashy enough. The thing a fan has to love about Huff is, he started making them plays away, acting like that was what he expected. If he made twice as many as a sophomore nobody would be surprised.

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