Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stroupinator gone wild: Why the Ducks will lose to LSU

"The Breaking Point"

Guest Post by Robert "Stroupinator" Stroup

chip-kelly-university-of-oregon-football-thumb[Editor's note: the opinions expressed below are strictly those of Robert Stroup, Oregon alum and current graduate student at Lehigh University. The Bloguin Network, The Duck Stops Here and its writing and editorial staff have no knowledge of what he's been drinking or how long it's been since he's had a proper conjugal visit.]

I’ve always been a bit conflicted when it comes to expectations. How good should a team be? How do I know? I’m not the coach, I don’t have the game film and I’m over 2500 miles away from Eugene. But after Michael Tallia’s flowery take on Duck football – which I enjoyed – I felt it necessary to express what I feel are reasonable expectations for this game.

First, for the brutal reality: this is not a game Oregon can win. At least, not yet.

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