Monday, August 8, 2011

Notes and quotes from the Media Day press conference

Chip Kelly says the team has no lingering medical issues, and all the players signed in February are registered and ready to go (first reported by Rob Moseley of the Register-Guard.) This means the Ducks will have the full complement of promising candidates at receiver, including Rahsaan Vaughn and B.J. Kelley, who weren't available for summer. The only enrollment casualty is reserve defensive end Anthony Anderson, who has left the team. With Terrell Turner, Brandon Hanna, Dion Jordan and Tony Washington, the Ducks still have a good nucleus at defensive end, and freshman Lake Koa' Kai and junior college transfer Ike Remington will step up and add the necessary depth. They've talked about experimenting with Josh Kaddu at drop end, an intriguing wrinkle that would get more speed and agility on the field for certain opponents and situations, like Arizona and Arizona State that like to spread the field.

The Ducks come into a new season focused and undistracted. Every speaker from the coach on down emphasized practice, hard work and preparation. They're eager and determined. The mentality isn't us against them; it's more like "us, continuing to do more of the things that have made us successful."

Chip Kelly
On schemes: "College football has always been about the players, and it will continue to be about players." Darron Thomas and LMaMichael James are "the secret," not formations or plays or wrinkles.

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