Monday, August 22, 2011

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, LSU will lose but they got a bigger guarantee

Guest post by Michael Talia
[Editor's note: Michael Talia is a junior at Oregon, majoring in journalism and business. He has attended every Oregon game over the last two years, and contributes frequently to The Duck Stops Here in the comments section. Here is his take on The Cowboy Classic.]

DefenseOn September 3rd two very good football teams will be showcased in front of thousands of critics and avid college football fans. ESPN analysts and LSU fans say that Oregon won’t be able to handle the atmosphere as well as the LSU defense. Chip Kelly and the Ducks however, have other plans.

During the offseason Oregon has worked very hard to live up to the hype. With key acquisitions on both sides of the ball, Oregon is looking to improve upon a 2010 campaign that left the PAC 10 a blaze, much like Sherman's barbaric march to the sea.

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